Current Resident Testimonials 

         Lakeshore Lifeworks has already impacted the lives of many local youth. 

Here is what they have to say!

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Christian Hanson, 19

"Lakeshore Lifeworks has impacted my life for the best. LifeWorks has helped me manage my money, hold a job, and graduate from high school. My life before Lifeworks was empty. Before Lifeworks I did not have a job. I was going into my senior year and I was very disorganized. LifeWorks has taught me many life skills such as work ethic. I am now on my eighth month at my job. Lifeworks has taught me, with hard work, anything is possible, therefore my current goals is to attend Michigan Career and Technical Institute confidently. "

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Jeff Aldridge, 18

"Lakeshore Lifeworks has opened up my eyes to bigger and better things for my life. Before Lakeshore Lifeworks I was struggling to get by and I was not putting any effort into making it better. Lifeworks has taught me that there is actually something out there for me. It has also taught me that I can achieve all my goals with hard work and dedication. Once I graduate high school my main goals is to go to college and find my dream job."

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Ta'Ron Page, 20

"Lakeshore Lifeworks has given me structure in my life and has really opened up my eyes to what I need to do to be independent. Lifeworks has taught me to budget my money correctly. With the lessons learned at lifeworks I would really love to move and open up my own restaurant or cafe!"