Graduate Testimonials

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"Lakeshore Lifeworks impacted my life in many ways. One of which are the wonderful people that have a huge desire to help people in need, and want nothing but the best for each and everyone of the guys that come into this program and into their lives. It's not easy to change, you're going to have your ups and downs but I know for a fact that all the wonderful people who give their time and their hearts to help each of us will not give up so easily. Some of the mentors such as Rick, Dan, and Colleen were the first ones to help me try to get my license which was very brave of them to let me drive. Everyone helped me find a job when I needed to work, and is always encouraging me to pursue new things and to achieve more. Thanks to their guidance and patience I have a great Job working as a machine repair apprentice in steel case. Most importantly Lifeworks has opened up my heart to God. Larry has done such a great job teaching us the word and why it is important. Life works has inspired me to many goals two of which are to buy a house in the near future and also be able to help others, as Lifeworks has done for me."