What does one day at the Lakeshore Lifeworks Home look like?

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If you’ve come from the streets or Foster care and you’re serious about getting your life on track, we want to help you succeed with a job, housing, life skills, staying clean, and rediscovering the love of God. We offer a safe place to make mistakes and a challenging team to cheer you forward in life. We generally work with youth from ages 14 to 21 in some capacity through our programs.

Daily Schedule


Color Card System

Red Card -

All residents will begin on a red card status for their first thirty days living at Lifeworks. Resident are allowed two major incidents and three minor incidents while on the red card status. If residents are not adjusting to the rules and schedule, the staff will decide if moving to a yellow card is warranted or postponed. If postponed, the resident will go on a weekly probationary period. Red card holders cannot leave Lifeworks' campus unless it is for school, work, Lifeworks events or authorized by the house parents. If a red card holder has a known drug or drinking issue, then a staff member will limit residents access to money and should be present at all money transactions. Residents must follow the Lifeworks schedule at all times.


Yellow Card -

Once a yellow card is obtained the resident will then be allowed five minor incidents in a thirty day period. Yellow card holders cannot move to a green card, if a major incident happens in a thirty day period. Keeping in mind that three minor write ups for a repeated offense is considered a major write up. Yellow card holders no longer need permission to plan events away from Lifeworks but must disclose all plans and whereabouts to staff prior to leaving the grounds. Residents must still sign in and out and follow all schedule times including curfew.


Green Card -

Once obtained the green card holder is allowed three minor incidents in a thirty day period. Green card holders will receive one Saturday a month to be considered off the schedule (8:00am - 11:00pm). Green card holders will also receive a twenty-four hour pass once a month to be used only on a Friday or Saturday. The twenty-four hour pass and the Saturday pass is granted when residents provide in writing the 1- time of leaving and returning, not to exceed the 8:00am - 11:00pm, and or the twenty-four hour pass. 2- Whom the resident will be spending the twenty-four hours or Saturday pass with. 3- For what purpose or activities while gone. 4- Contact information of all parties the resident will be with. 5- Residents cannot be with known paroles and/or people with known drug or alcohol issues. 6- The twenty-four hour pass resident's will be drug tested no later that seventy-two hours and no earlier than twenty-four hours after return. If green card holder reaches three minor incidents in a thirty day period, resident will lose these two privileges. If a green card hold receives a major incident, it will be up to staff to meet and decide if the resident needs to go back to the yellow card status for thirty days. If a green card is held for more than nine months, a resident can become exempt from cards but will still be monitored with the write up system. Our hope is that once this is achieved by a resident, a plan of exiting the Lifeworks program will be considered not to exceed six months.